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Recognized for excellence in substance abuse and behavioral health treatment by the Joint Commission

Recreate Behavioral Health is a substance abuse treatment provider offering addiction treatment services by licensed mental health counselors.

At Recreate Behavioral Health Network, our top priority is establishing a long-term, professional relationship with each of our individual clients and their families – a relationship that we hope will blossom into a friendship over time. We believe that the foundation of long-term recovery is the development of crucial life skills, coupled with intensive, effective, and accessible clinical care. Rehabilitation is a multi-layered process, and we at Recreate Behavioral Health Network will be by your side every step of the way, offering the guidance and support you need to go on and live a life of fulfilled sobriety.


Recreate Behavioral Health, as part of our comprehensive network, is a state-of-the-art facility staffed by licensed and experienced medical professionals. We offer a full spectrum of therapeutic aftercare, which will be tailored to fit your individualized goals.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on the relationships, and aims to understand and validate the experiences of all family members. The goal of family therapy is to bring clarity to all relationships, and to foster repair and closeness if family members choose. Our family therapy program belief is that problems exist between people, not within people.

Our focus is to mend the broken relationships as a result of substance abuse, and to encourage healing. Loved ones are able to meet in a discreet and comfortable setting, under the guidance and facilitation of a licensed mental health counselor.

Individual Counseling

Individual addiction counseling is an effective treatment method that offers one-on-one sessions with trained therapists. In this private and discreet setting, patients can express themselves freely without the fear of judgment from other addicts. Individual counseling sessions often explore deep-seated issues including drug history, emotional trauma, and psychological illness.

During individual counseling sessions, the patient has an opportunity to share his/her feelings and emotions with a therapist in strict confidence. Individual counseling explores the root causes of substance abuse. Often a therapist will help the patient in creating a personalized relapse prevention plan to avoid relapse in the future.

Group Therapy

The power of group therapy lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback from other individuals in a safe and confidential environment. Patients under the care of a drug treatment center can share amongst each other the struggles they’re going through and come up with solutions together. Group therapy is guided by a trained group facilitator or licensed mental health therapist so that each group is beneficial to all those involved.

Discover the benefits of group therapy for treating substance use disorders at Recreate Behavioral Health Network.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Many men and women struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders that contribute to substance abuse. Often an underlying mental health issue can be the catalyst for drug addiction as a way to mask the emotional or psychological distress. This form of self-medication is especially dangerous because the mental illness is usually made worse by continued substance abuse. At Recreate Behavioral Health, we are trained to handle co-occurring disorders in our dual diagnosis treatment program. 

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